Sustainable Building Products for a Better Planet
Panel Point operates with "2020 Vision." 

Our goal is to help put 20 million people in homes by 2020.

We have the technology and the team to enable this level of success. 

This is why we do this!

 Entire village rebuilt in Sri Lanka, 
post tsunami
Panel Point Systems ("Panel Point") is bringing our proven panel-based building system to the broad market, offering users a faster building process while reducing environmental impact, reducing cost, and improving quality.  

We are able to accomplish these goals because our team is comprised of true experts in the manufacture and use of our panel technology, as well as in the design of machines that create Panel Point panels.  No other company can surpass Panel Point in terms of expertise, know how, experience, and engineering skill.  Our team has, combined, over 50 years in the panel-based building sector.
Panel Point develops, manufactures, markets and implements a revolutionary panel-based building technology: the Panel Point System.  Our system has several distinct and powerful advantages over many traditional construction methods and other SIPs (structural insulated panels):
  • Stronger than brick, cement block, or wood framed houses
  • Less expensive to build with, especially when building large structures
  • Faster to erect, especially when building multiple homes
  • Best insulated: saves power otherwise needed to heat and cool
  • Uses NO forest products, reducing logging and destruction of forests
  • Uses 60% less concrete than cement block or brick homes, reducing emissions from cement production
  • Much more resistant to hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes (walls and roof are, in essence, steel reinforced concrete)
  • Will never rotnever mold, and will have no termites or other infestations
  • No waste: all waste is recycle-able, and pre-cut panels means no major on-site debris
  • Creates jobs: thousands of people can be trained rapidly to use this simple, highly-efficient and stronger building system
Panel Point's technology has been in use for more than 25 years, but only now is it becoming the preferred alternative for many types of building in countries worldwide.
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